English Hindi Barakhadi pdf Free Download

English Hindi Barakhadi pdf Download is a set of basic characters used in the Hindi script to represent different sounds. It has 13 vowels and 33 consonants. Vowels are divided into short and long sounds, and consonants are classified according to their pronunciation in the mouth (throat, palate, tongue, and lips). Each character represents a unique sound, and combining them in different ways forms the basis of Hindi writing.

Hindi Barakhadi pdf Free Download

In English Hindi Barakhadi pdf Download the vowels are classified as short and long. Short vowels include ‘a’, ‘i’, ‘u’, ‘e’ and ‘o’, while long vowels are represented by adding an additional horizontal line on top of the short vowel letter. For example, long ‘a’ is represented by ‘aa’.

English Hindi Barakhadi pdf Free Download


English Hindi Barakhadi pdf Free Download
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Consonants are grouped based on the way they originate in the mouth. They are classified into:-

  • Guttural (throat): These are sounds produced in the throat. Examples include ‘k’, ‘kh’, ‘g’, ‘gh’, and ‘ṅ’ (nasal sound).
  • Talavya (Talavya): These are sounds produced using the palate. Examples are ‘si’, ‘ch’, ‘j’, ‘jh’ and ‘n’ (nasal sound).
  • Cerebral (मुर्धन्य): A sound produced by striking the tongue against the roof of the mouth. Examples include ‘ṭ’, ‘ṭh’, ‘ḍ’, ‘ḍh’, and ‘ṇ’ (nasal sound).
  • Dental (Dantya): These are sounds produced by the tongue against the teeth. Its examples are ‘T’, ‘Th’, ‘D’, ‘Dha’ and ‘Na’ (nasal sound).
  • Labial: Sound produced by the lips. Examples include ‘p’, ‘ph’, ‘b’, ‘bh’, ‘m’, ‘y’, ‘r’, ‘l’, ‘v’ and ‘ṣ’.

By combining these vowels and consonants, you can create a basic foundation for writing in Hindi. Each character in Barakhadi represents a specific sound, and their combination forms a diverse range of words in the Hindi language.

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Apart from the basic vowels and consonants, there are also combined consonants in Hindi, which are known as combined letters. They are formed when two or more consonants come together to make one sound. For example, the consonant ‘k’ mixed with ‘h’ forms the ligature ‘kh’. Similarly, by mixing ‘T’ and ‘H’, ‘Th’ is formed.

These combined consonants play an important role in Hindi writing, as they help represent sounds that cannot be represented directly by individual characters. They also contribute to the unique and complex script of the Hindi language.

While the basic English Hindi Barakhadi pdf Download provides the basis for Hindi writing, the language also includes additional characters and symbols for specific sounds, such as the use of matras (diacritics) to modify the pronunciation of vowels.

English Hindi Barakhadi pdf Download is an essential aspect of the Hindi script, and understanding it is key to reading and writing in the language.

Matras are diacritic marks used to modify the pronunciation of vowels. They can be added above, below, before, or after consonant letters to change the underlying vowel sound.

The root vowel ‘A’ can be modified using quantities. ‘Kaa’ is formed by putting a vertical line above the letter ‘A’ along with the sound ‘A’. Similarly, ‘ki’ is formed by placing a dot below the same letter.

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Matras are important for accurately representing different vowel sounds in Hindi, and they add a level of nuance to the language. They help distinguish between words that might otherwise be spelled the same way but have different meanings due to differences in pronunciation.

Apart from the Matras, there are also special symbols called Anusvara and Visarga which represent nasal sounds. Anusvara is represented by a dot and often follows a consonant, indicating a nasal sound after that consonant. ‘Visarga’ is represented by a colon-like symbol and is used to represent the final nasal sound in a word.

Understanding the interplay between consonants, vowels, quantities and nasal sounds is important for proficiency in reading and writing Hindi. It is a fascinating system that adds depth and richness to the language.

Learn a little more about the structure of Hindi words and how they are formed. Words in Hindi are usually formed by combining root words, prefixes and suffixes. The root word, often a noun or verb, forms the basic meaning of the word.

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Prefixes and suffixes are added to the original word to modify its meaning or create new words. For example, the root word gaana means ‘song.’ By adding the prefix ‘ga’ to it, ‘gaayak’ is formed, which means singer.

English Hindi Barakhadi pdf Free Download

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Similarly suffixes can be added to indicate aspects such as tense, gender or number. For example, the root word ”(खेल) means ‘game’ or ‘play.’ By adding suffix ‘ta’ it changes to ‘khelata’ (khelata), which shows masculine present tense, meaning ‘he plays.’

Understanding the structure of Hindi words is essential for effective communication and expression. It allows speakers and writers to convey specific meanings and nuances in a concise manner.

The beauty of Hindi lies not only in its script and pronunciation, but also in the richness of its vocabulary and flexibility in word formation.

FAQ ....

What is Barakhadi in Hindi?

Barakhadi is the term used to refer to the Hindi alphabet, which includes vowels (swar) and consonants (vyanjan).

How many vowels are there in Hindi Barakhadi?

There are 13 vowels (swar) in Hindi Barakhadi.

Can you list the vowels in Hindi Barakhadi?

The vowels in Hindi Barakhadi are अ (a), आ (aa), इ (i), ई (ee), उ (u), ऊ (oo), ऋ (ri), ॠ (rī), ए (e), ऐ (ai), ओ (o), औ (au), and अं (am).

How many consonants are there in Hindi Barakhadi?

There are 33 consonants (vyanjan) in Hindi Barakhadi.

How can I learn and practice Hindi Barakhadi?

You can use various resources like books, online tutorials, and mobile apps to learn Hindi Barakhadi. Practice writing and pronouncing each letter to improve your skills.

Is Barakhadi important for learning Hindi?

Yes, understanding Barakhadi is crucial for learning Hindi as it forms the foundation of the language. It helps in reading, writing, and pronunciation.

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